Global Titanium Machining Research and Development Center

Productive and efficient titanium machining requires a deep understanding of the process, including the machine tool, cutting tools, machining parameters and coolants must all be developed and integrated specific to titanium’s material properties. For this reason, Makino has established a Global Titanium Research and Development Center. Its mission is to provide manufacturers with the best in titanium application expertise by combining advanced titanium machining capabilities with the world’s leading processing techniques.

The Global Titanium Research and Development Center is comprised of a specialized group of engineers from industrial and academic backgrounds. Makino has equipped the group with immediate access to state-of-the-art machine tools, specialized vendors, suppliers and partners, CMM equipment, and all the necessary tools and talent to develop cutting-edge strategies that increase productivity and extend tool life. The net result is a fundamental change in the economics of titanium machining and how it’s used in the aerospace industry.

Machine platforms featured at the Global Titanium Research and Development Center include horizontal machining centers, vertical machining centers, and 5-axis machining centers. Currently installed equipment are as follows: a81M horizontal machining center, D500 5-axis vertical machining center, T4 5-axis titanium machining center and the new T2 5-axis titanium machining center.

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