The Makino Cost ADVANTiGE

Length: 10 min Speaker: Mark Larson


Makino is helping companies reduce part costs by offering tooling, processing and equipment improvements with machines such as its new T2 and T4 5-axis horizontal machining centers.

With the T-Series, tool life is increased and operating costs are lowered. With less tool inventory, you have lower tool replacement labor costs and better quality. Metal-removal rates are also increased, resulting in less machine time and lower operating costs. With that comes less capital investment, lower equipment maintenance costs, less manpower required to operate the machines, less work in process and increased part turnaround times.

This presentation details the primary methods for reducing part costs, including longer tool life and higher metal-removal rates. This presentation also offers productivity and cost per part comparisons for the T4 and demonstrates that by capitalizing on the advantages of higher metal-removal rates and additional tool life found in machines like the T4, companies can begin to see a significant impact on their bottom line and cost per part.

Mark Larson, Titanium R&D Team Leader, Makino

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