Makino Products Address the Unique Needs of the Titanium Market

Length: 12 min Speaker: Dave Ward


Makino Products Address the Unique Needs of the Titanium Market
This presentation details four machining options, in addition to the T-Series, that Makino offers to address the unique needs of the titanium market.

The “M” package for a/A series machining centers is ideal for aerospace and other hard metal applications and offers the M-spindle, an HSK-100, 50-taper, high torque spindle; rigid design; 3 point support bed; roller type LG and high thrust ball screws.

The second option is the D500 5-axis vertical machining center. With sustained dynamic accuracy, high-performance, high-thrust capacity DD motors, three spindle options and ease of automation, the D500 is also a good option for titanium, especially titanium turbo industry parts where full 5-axis machining is needed. It also offers rigid, robust castings that are designed to ensure thermal stability and accuracy.

Makino is also rethinking the EDM process, opening it up to traditional aerospace applications with the DUO43 wire EDM which offers the advantage of wire consumption savings and performance in speed cutting and the EDGE3 sinker EDM which boosts performance by up to 80 percent, offering much faster burn rates.

Dave Ward, Horizontal Product Manager, Makino

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